Zoning Board Of Adjustments

The Hinsdale Zoning Board consists of five elected members, each serving a three-year term.


Pursuant to RSA 673:1, IV, “Every zoning ordinance adopted by a legislative body shall include provisions for the establishment of a zoning board of adjustment.” Thus, to have a valid zoning ordinance, you must have a ZBA to act as the “constitutional safety valve” in a quasi-judicial capacity to interpret the zoning ordinance for the protection of the citizens.

There are five basic functions of a Zoning Board of Adjustment in New Hampshire:

1. Interpreting the terms of the zoning ordinance, or the application of those terms to a particular set of facts.

2. Determining whether a proposed use or project, or some aspect thereof, is “grandfathered” from having to comply with the terms of the ordinance.

3. Determining whether to allow a legalized violation of the ordinance (“variance”) is necessary to prevent the ordinance terms from being unconstitutional as applied.

4. Granting a special exception as specifically allowed by the ordinance if the criteria set out in the ordinance are met.

5. Granting an “equitable waiver” which would legalize a dimensional violation when it would be unfair to require correcting it.



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