The Ebenezer Hinsdale House, c.1759, is situated on 37 acres of land bordering the Connecticut River. The property is the site of Fort Hinsdale as well as the Ebenezer Hinsdale Farm, which was built by the town’s founder. Also on site are a carriage/livestock barn, two
agricultural barns, and a blacksmith shop. The Hinsdale Historical Society acquired the property in 2009 and is turning the site into a living museum.


The clapboard post office in Hinsdale, N.H., celebrated its 200th birthday in 2016. It’s the oldest continuously operating post office in the United States.  Nathan Babbitt was appointed the first postmaster in Hinsdale in 1815.  He was the person who had the building built.  Early on, the building was used as a general store with the post office occupying a small corner in the front.  As the town grew, so did the post office, which now occupies the entire ground floor level of the building.  The Hinsdale post office is open from 6 a.m. until 5:30 in the evening. While the window is open continuously from 9 to 5, customers can also come in earlier or later to pick up mail from their post office boxes.



State Parks

New Hampshire has 93 state park properties that provide a variety of recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities. The park system includes beaches, campgrounds, historic sites, waysides, natural areas, a multitude of trails, and much more to explore.

Hinsdale is home to several state parks and forests.

For more information on New Hampshire's system of state parks visit their website at:



Mt Wantastiquet

The Wantastiquet Mountain Natural Area, which is located in the Northwestern corner of town along the Connecticut River, encompasses over 1,000 acres of state owned land between Hinsdale and Chesterfield. Many visit the area to hike the 1,335 feet high Wantastiquet Mountain, which offers outstanding views of Brattleboro, Vermont and the Connecticut River Valley. A wide and easy to follow trail (~2.0 miles) leads from a small lot at the gated end of Mountain Road to the Walter H. Child Monument. This trail connects to Miners Ledge, which provides a sweeping vista of the Connecticut River Valley, and continues on to the Madame Sherri Forest in Chesterfield.


Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain State Forest is a 156 acre hunting and natural area owned by the state of New Hampshire. The forest, which can be accessed from Plain Road, contains Bear Mountain (1,027 feet). Trapping is allowed within the forest.  Permits can be obtained from NH Fish and Game.



Spanning over 13,300 acres and 3 towns (Hinsdale, Winchester, and Chesterfield), Pisgah State Park is the largest property in the New Hampshire state park system. Although only a small portion of the park (~5%) is located within town boundaries, Pisgah provides great opportunities for residents to engage in activities like hiking, mountain biking, ATV and snowmobiling, cross country skiing, horseback riding, bird watching, fishing, boating, swimming etc. Six trailheads around the park provide access to over 20 miles of multiple use trails.  There are no campsites within the Park, which is open year round at no charge.



Hinsdale is rich in wildlife.  Hike or kayak along the river and you will see birds like loons, herons, osprey and bald eagles.

Bear, bobcats, deer and an assortment of other wildlife can also be found in the area.

Photo opportunities abound along our trails and waterways as well as in our own backyards.