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The Geoffrey L. Holt Fund

In 2001, Geoffrey L. Holt executed an agreement with the NH charitable founda­tion to establish a donor-advised fund to be funded through his estate. Since Mr. Holt's passing in June of 2023, the Fund has been opened and partially funded. Mr. Holt identified the Fund's purpose and advisory committee. To suppo1t projects, programs and organizations that provide health, educational, recreational or cultural benefits to the residents of Hinsdale, NH. The advisory committee will accept grant applications from 501 C (3) public chari­ties, schools, municipal and government entities, religious organizations, and pri­vate operating foundations. It is estimated that about $115,000 will be available for grantmaking each year. An application can request from $250 to $30,000. Grants are accepting during application periods for one-time projects/needs, oper­ating support, or for matching grants for other grants (e.g., state, federal). For additional infor­mation or to discuss program ideas, contact


From the Board of Selectmen

The Select board would like to announce the Hinsdale Police Department's new Acting Chief of Police, Melissa Evans. Acting Chief Evans has been employed with the Hinsdale Police Depart­ment just shy of seven years. She will work into her role with the mentorship from Municipal Re­sources. We thank Acting Chief Evans for her continued dedica­tion to the Town of Hinsdale and look forward to the future. 


Hinsdale Library:  

The Hinsdale library has a new program called "1000 books before Kindergarten". Its an on-going program for any child that has not yet reached the age of kindergarten. You can sign up during library hours.
The Hinsdale library has started a "Story Time" for children on Wednesdays from 1-2 (but subject to change). They will read a story or two and on some days a fun craft to do!
Did you know the town library orders new books every month? Stop in and see our selection of fiction and nonfiction books! You can also look through our virtual cata­log on the town website to see what we have available. Library cards are FREE for all Hinsdale residents. Feel free to reach out to us with questions: 603-336-5713


Tax Collector and Town Clerk Office Hours 

  •   Town Clerk MON and THUR 7:30-6pm, TUE 7:30-2:30pm, WED 7:30-11:30am
  •   Town Clerk's Office: Ext. 20 or Direct line: 336-5719 Tax Collector:  603-336-5712
  •   Tax Collector MON 9:30-6PM, TUES: 7:30-1PM , WED CLOSED, THUR 10-4PM


New Truck

Thanks to the voters who attended last year's town meeting, the town of Hinsdale was finally able to acquire its long-awaited highway truck, a 2024 Freightliner 114SD IO-wheeler. This impressive vehicle is equipped with a 10" blade front plow and a 1 0' wing blade, making it capable of handling all of the town's snow removal needs. Furthermore, it has the ability to carry up to 18 yards of debris in its body and includes a 10-yard stainless sander for spreading salt and sand. The truck is currently under lease and will become the property of Hinsdale once the lease period expires. 



Town Election Results-305 Votes casted.

Selectboard-Bernie Rideout: 151

School Board: Marc Sprague: 259

School Board: Wayne Digman: 58

Town Clerk: Julie Seymour: 282

Town Treasure: Alan Zavorotny: 281 Clerk of the District: Melissa Lowe 8

Fire Chief: Terry Zavorotny: 283

Town Moderator: Edwin Smith: 279

Supervisor of the Checklist: Karen Johnson: 284 Trustee of the Trnst Funds: Ann Marie Diorio: 259 Library Trnstee: Shirley Wolfe: 242

Budget Committee: Alex Duso: 241

Budget Committee: William Nebelski: 227 Planning Board: James O' Malley: 158

Planning Board: Justin Therieau: 140

Board of Adjustment: Kim Mitchell: 257 Cemetery Trustee 1 year: Phil Ailes 10

Cemetery Trustee 3 year: Jodi Holmquist Article 2: Passes: 180

Article 1: Passes: 140



We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who partici­pated in the voting process today. The town meeting in Hinsdale takes place annually on the Saturday following the second Tues­day of the month. The meeting commenced a little after 9 o'clock in the morning. During the meeting, employees and committee members were recognized for their years of service to the town. Warrant article #17 was passed over all other warrant articles. The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am. After a brief recess, the School District awarded board members and staff retirements. Articles were debated, with Article 3 being passed over and Arti­cle 9 being reduced to $1.00. All other articles were passed.
The next Hinsdale Town meeting for voting on necessary town and school offices will be held on March 11, 2025, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Voting on warrant articles will take place on Sat­urday, March 15, 2025, at 9:00 am at the Hinsdale Middle High School. The School District meeting will commence at 9:00 am, followed by the Town meeting. Please mark your calendars and remember that it is your right to vote, so make sure to exercise it!


Tractor Parade

Saturday May 18th 10:30am to 3pm
(Rain Date May 29th)
Approximate times road travel:
10: 15am Butler Avenue
10:30am Depart Butler Avenue
10:50am High Street and Main Street intersection, enter Main Street
10:55am Off Main Street onto Riv­er Road.
11 :20am Enter Rail bed
12 to 1 pm Break at Hinsdale His­torical Society
1 pm Enter Brattleboro Road
1:15pm Off Brattleboro Road onto Charles Drive
2pm Monument Road and Plain Road Intersection
2:30pm Return to Butler Avenue